Adobe Illustrator

Create an Artboard with working size.
The working size is the size which extends to the edge of the final cut size for your desired output.
Please be sure to double check the working and cutting size.

Create an Artboard for the cut size, and enter the bleed value as a cut margin (e.g. 2 mm for each business card)
You can duplicate as many Artboard pages as you desire.
If the Artboard is cloned horizontally and placed out of the editing area, you can create additional space using the Artboard alignment function and then duplicate it.
Artboard sorting is a good way to sort and organize your work.
Single-Sided Prints: One Artboard equals to one print side. It is recommended to leave enough space between Artboard and Artboard (20mm or above)

Double-sided printing: If you are creating two-sided prints, a minimum of two Artboards must be placed side-by-side horizontally before printing.
If you are working on multiple business cards, place them horizontally, and then go to the next line, A front, A back, B front, B back, C front, C back, ... You can create your work with this method

There should be no overlap of images on Artboard with more than two pages.

How to save PDF

The PDF must be saved in the order of 1 front, 1 back, 2 front, 2 back, 3 front, and 3 back.
You must comply with the PDF saving specification (Press Quality, 6.0 or higher, Create Acrobat Layers from Top-Level Layers).
If you've created the working and cutting size with the Artboard, please be sure to double check and save into your PDF file
if you save the PDF in the Illustrator without changing any of the Artboard settings, the page order will follow the sequence when the Artboard is created.
However, if you want to save them in your own desired order, you can arrange the sequence according to your preferred order in the Artboard window and then click save.
Adobe Acrobat Pro allow you to save and change the page sequence after saving your work into PDF file.

Save PDF (For Printing Use)

Save PDF (For Large- Format)