Large Format Cutting

Inner Rectangular Cut

If cutting is applied according to a 1:1 ratio, the not printed area might be clearly visible.
Hence, it is recommended to cut an additional 5mm of the working size from each direction of the print out.

Rectangular Cut

It is a cutting option where the printout will be cut into several rectangular pieces according to customer’s preferences based on suitable size to be displayed on glass surfaces.

Shape Cutting

It is a cutting option that allow various cutting shapes. However, smooth cutting may not be applicable on small or complicated shapes cutting, hence, both the cutting and printing files will be verified before actual production can take place.
For regular sheets or foam board, regular cutting methods will be used while Foamex is made with solid material, hence, it will be cut using router.
Router method cut the prints by rotating a circular blade to hollow out an area to create round shape.
Please refer to the figure below for better understanding.