White Printing - High Transparency Product

Precaution Measures For High Transparency White Printing

White Printing is done twice in white ink and then color is added over the top layer.
There is only a slight shift between CMYK and white color sequentially on white or colored paper, but due to the nature of the transparent material, it shrinks each time it prints.

White Printing Tips & Info

White color printing is not applicable on thin and dark color area.
User can get a better white color printing result if the white color printing area is set to be approximately 0.2-0.3mm smaller than the color print area as this margin allow pin shift mentioned earlier in the above paragraph.

User can get a better and sharp color printing when transparency and (K density) of white printing is set correctly.
In addition, even the slightest friction can cause scratches which is visible during printing process due to high transparency surface.
Please be noticed that some scratches are unavoidable, and item produced with these scratches is not defective item.

Sending white printing files (2 options)

View how to create and save white printing file