Kiss Cutting (Half Cutting, Sticker Cutting) Cutting, (Die Cutting) Lines

Cutting data such as laser cutting, sheet cutting and sticker cutting must all be created in the form of lines instead of graphic or images.
Occasionally we receive fine-grained data which will result in higher cutting cost or make cutting process impossible to take place and we have to request the customer to resend their cutting data created in a line form.
All cutting lines must be presented using one single line and can be cut only once using the cutting equipment.
In an event of duplicate lines, the quality of the cut will reduce significantly.
There should be a margin of 3mm between the final cutting line and kiss cutting line to avoid cutting mistake during production.

Sample of Free Shape Sticker

- Create a new layer in the layer palette and name the layer as "Kiss Cutting"
- Create a vector line corresponding to the cutting line in the cutting layer and set the color to (C: 0 / M: 100 / Y: 0 / K: 0)

Working Size: 154x154mm (2mm margin each side), create a kiss cutting layer .
Complete Size: 150 x 150 mm