Shape Cutting/ Creasing/ Saddle Stitching

Shape Cutting

Die Cutting: All item except stickers in RED Printing are cut using die cutting method.
Kiss Cutting: All stickers except magnetic stickers are cut using kiss cutting method.

Creasing (Pressing Line, Saddle Stitch)

Creasing is an operation that facilitates the folding operation and provides the conditions for the printed substrate to obtain its shapes and function.
Basically creasing will be done vertically or horizontally across paper and shape cutting is needed to create crease for shapes other than vertical and horizontal.

Stitching(dash rule)

Stitching is the process of creating dotted holes in a line on paper to make it easy to tear or remove. It can also be used for accurate and perfect folding.
Basic stitching can only produce fixed dotted line either vertically or horizontally. Laser cutting finishing option should be selected for shapes other than vertical and horizontal.