Laser Cutting

Burning Mark in Laser Cutting

With the advancement of technology, there are various types of laser cutting equipment being produced all over the world.
Laser cutting allows various shape cutting and can accommodate various kind of designs.
Laser cutting is essentially finely burn through a material and engraving is delicately burning into it.
Since heat is involved in laser cutting, hence, markings are an inevitable part of the process, burn marks and heat marks will occur on the cut materials but can be minimized depending on the printing substrate for example, burning marks are hardly visible on Kraft Paper.
Despite these burn marks, laser cutting is still popular and widely used in the printing area.

Laser Cutting Gap

Cutting gap which is too narrow or a cutting piece which is too small may be lost in the cutting machine, cutting gap below 1mm may results in defective products, hence, please ensure to leave at least 1mm space of gap between cutting lines.
There might be also differences due to different type of paper used, so, please ensure to set a proper gap between cut line to avoid undesirable print and cut results.

Creating Laser Cutting Printing File