Ganging and Nesting

What is Ganging?

Refers to printing method that efficiently match graphic designs to be printed on available substrate to minimize cost by preventing substrate waste. allowing cost sharing among different customers on individual CTP plate printing and finishing, hence, reducing printing cost for each customer.

Several precautious of Ganging Print

Several precautious of Ganging Print is that colors may differ with each individual print even when same data is used.
This happens due to consideration taken onto different designs placed on the same page for print in order to ensure even color distribution and output quality.
Even if the order is made 365 times with either same company or 365 different companies, same result will be obtained.

There is a limit on finishing types that can be applied on the print due to the ganging of different orders in one page.
Desired finishing may not be applicable onto the final output. Printing process can only begin after all printing data with same specifications are gathered and sent for print, hence, delivery date may differ from customer’s desired date.
In the effort to mininize printing cost, the quantity of delivered product might be reduced within a margin of 5 to 10 percent. If you wish to print the exact quantity, you need to make an order with higher amount in consideration of possible product deficiency.

What is Nesting?

Refers to printing method that efficiently laying out several graphic files with same design from one customer in the most efficient way to minimize waste. Unlike Ganging, Nesting allow color adjustment, therefore, quality consistency for each print with same data can be achieved. In addition, spot color printing such as gold, silver etc. is also applicable with Nesting. This printing technique does not allow cost sharing among several customers, it is only applicable to single order, hence, printing cost is comparatively higher.

Apart from slightly higher printing cost, Nesting Print does not have any of the disadvantages possess by Ganging Print.
Customer can choose their desired finishing and other specifications for printing.
Customer can decide on product delivery time.
Since all possible loss and product deficiency has been taken into consideration during processing stage, hence, an accurate number of output can be generated, eliminating the need to order more than needed.